The town of Jasper is a beautiful and charming community nestled in Jasper National Park, the largest and one of the most beautiful parks in the Canadian Rockies. Jasper's townsite is located on what was originally a mountainous cattle ranch. Today, Jasper is a year-round resort town servicing naturalists, tourists and adventurists.

Jasper's tranquil setting provides a magnificent back drop for the varied wildlife which roam free in open areas of protected wilderness. Deer, elk and other wildlife often wander the streets of Jasper. The Canadian Rockies provide protection against the harsh weather resulting in warmer winters and slightly cooler summers.

This small town of 4,500 permanent residents has maintained a quiet charm and remains an unspoiled and friendly community without many of the commercial trappings often found in some other resorts. Jasper is relatively quiet in winter months, but in the summer, the population can easily swell to 30,000 people.

The town of Jasper is physically limited in size by geography. The Athabasca River on one side and the Pyramid Bench (an elevated plain at the base of Pyramid Mountain) on the other turn Jasper into a long skinny community. Jasper's situation in the protected Jasper National Park also means that any development is very much restricted. These restrictions on growth ensure that Jasper will preserve it's natural beauty and charm for many years to come.

The Rocky Mountaineer and VIA Rail trains both depart to Vancouver from Jasper enabling your Rocky Mountain Holiday itinerary to flow seamlessly.

Jasper Average Weather
Month Max (°C) Min (°C) Rain (mm) Snow (cm)
January -5 -14.6 4.5 30.5
February -0.9 -11.8 2.8 18.3
March 4.7 -7.1 5.1 16.9
April 10.8 -2.3 12 8.6
May 15.8 2.4 28.7 1.4
June 19.3 6.2 54.7 0.3
July 21.9 8.1 60.1 0
August 21.6 7.4 59 0.2
September 16.4 3.3 35.9 1.9
October 10.1 -1.2 22.1 8
November 0.4 -8.5 8.3 21.6
December -4.8 -13.6 3.4 30.3

Jasper Current Weather Forecast

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