Train holidays with VIA Rail are a more economical way to experience Canada. Unlike the Rocky Mountaineer which offers daylight only services, the VIA Rail trains operate throughout the day and night getting you to your destination sooner.

From Jasper to Vancouver or in reverse, the VIA Rail service takes about 17 hours and is available through the winter months. VIA Rail offers a range of onboard overnight accommodation options with a selection of berths and bedrooms to choose from on most services.

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Train Holiday Package Specials in Canada

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VIA RailAccommodation

Please note that all VIA Rail accommodation types may not be available on all services.


VIA Rail Berth

A shared open compartment with two spacious couch-style seats, facing each other. By night, they transform into two beds, each featuring a personal reading light. Thick curtains provide privacy and tranquility. The shower facility and the washrooms are only a few steps away.

Single Bedroom:

VIA Rail Single Bedroom

A private room for one person, featuring a small loveseat, a picture window, power outlet, call button, concealed toilet and vanity. By night, it converts into a cozy bedroom.

Double Bedroom:

VIA Rail Double Bedroom

A private bedroom for two, featuring two cushy armchairs, a picture window, closet, call button, power outlet, private toilet and vanity. A folding table is available on request. By night, the room is transformed into inviting upper and lower beds. In certain cases, some adjoining bedrooms can be combined to create a spacious suite.

VIA Rail Train Holiday Quote

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